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 Promoting the site

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PostSubject: Promoting the site   Promoting the site EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 12:15 am

Now we have a nice site, with lovely members, and tons and tons of posts, it's a good time for members here to help promote the site to others.

1) Kell has made us some fliers that you can save and print...

Flier for selling - if you sell, swap or give away books, then this is ideal to slip inside.

Small flier 1 / Small fliers 2 & 3 - there are 3 different designs. They can be given to friends, so they don't have to memorise the URL, they can be slipped in library books when you return them, or they can even be discreetly left somewhere! Smile

2) I would like to get some leaflets made, so that they can be saved and printed in the same way. I then thought that members could ask in their local libraries if it's ok for them to have a few.

3) We're working on more content for the actual site, as this seems to get picked up better by the search engines. Plus, if the site is useful for people, it may draw them to the forum.

4) If you post on other forums, and they allow signatures, you could promote the forum that way. If you want a small graphic to use, you can use

>> If anyone is feeling creative, and can come up with some leaflet designs, I would be very grateful.

>> Also, if you have any other ideas, please let me know. Is there any particular content you feel would be useful on the site, or do you have any other ideas to promote us?


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Promoting the site
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