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hippy child

hippy child

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PostSubject: Neglect   Neglect EmptySun Jun 01, 2008 10:08 pm

ok this is something short that i wrote i while ago err like a month ago but and its not very good whatever

this is in hems POV and its after the war and M&C have gotten together

I should have seen the signs seen the way they looked at each other. Always sneaking off when they thought no one was looking. Looking into each others eyes as if they were the only people in the world. And they just as well could be considering how much they noticed other people. You'd never find one without the other anymore. But no one else seemed to care, everyone just turn there backs. 'Oh there in love', 'Oh how cute', 'Oh what a sweet couple'. It was like no one even noticed how perverted it was. I mean it wasn't like I was jealous or anything, it was just disgusting. He was what like 50 years older then her? Oh sure he doesn't look a day older then 30. 30!? Like thats any better! She's only 16! He's old enough to be her granddad!

I'd expected to come back after all the separation and war and we'd be laughing, brother and sis having a good time. That was how it used to be. For the brief time I'd known her before they'd left. But no, why should I think that? 'Oh naive little Hem' they'd say and why on earth should i expect to come home now that it was all over and have my sister back. Sure in the beginning she'd noticed me, wrapped me in a tight embrace, tears of joy clinging to are faces. But even then he'd been there standing in the shadows, always there. I'd never had a moment to talk with her alone. To talk about private things; things brothers and sisters can share, not with him around. I'm probably just some pesky little nuisance brother always getting in the way now. I doubt she'd even notice if i ran away!... And what if i ran away? would she finally be forced to see me? Would she finally be torn away from his gaze and her thoughts be on me again, her poor, neglected brother. And she'd search for me herself, ride out calling my name with tears streaming down her face, shouting apologies to the wind. Yes, thats what I'll do, I'll leave tomorrow and I'll never come back unless they find me, until she begs for forgiveness.
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PostSubject: Re: Neglect   Neglect EmptyMon Jun 02, 2008 4:45 am


well. that is sad! poor hem...
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